The CLEAR Model

Emphasizes the human purpose of what is being learned and its relationship to the students’ own culture.
Encourages students to make choices in content and assessment methods based on their experiences, values, needs, and strengths.
Respectful learning environments in which students racial, social, linguistic, ethnic and cultural diversity is valued and contributes to the learning experience.
Includes multiple ways to represent knowledge and skills and allow for attainment of outcomes at different points in time.
Through positive relationships, rigorous learning experiences are created involving higher order thinking and critical analysis used to address relevant, real(ness) world issues in an action-oriented manner.
The CLEAR Model • Intercultural Innovations Inc. (I3 )

Welcome to The CLEAR Model for culturally validating that is responsive pedagogy and leadership website.

Dr. Rev Hillstrom is one of this country’s foremost Indigenous scholars leading systemic change for educational excellence and equity. Through the pillars of The CLEAR Model (Culture, Learning, Equitable, Achievement and Responsive) he guides districts in generating the equity consciousness needed for conceptual, behavioral and structural transformation.

“What if all knowledge that is, has been, and ever will be, has and will continue to always exist… What if that is true”
—Rev Hillstrom

Dr. Rev Hillstrom is the founder of Intercultural Innovations Inc. (I3 ) home of The CLEAR Model and The CLEAR Solutions Framework. He has served multiple large urban, suburban, and rural school districts across the country supporting systems as they work towards education excellence and equity. In addition, he promotes educational excellence and equity by serving with regional and national organizations including the National Urban Alliance (NUA) and the Minnesota Educational Equity Partnership (MnEEP).


Rev Hillstrom explains The CLEAR Model: A CLEAR Approach to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.
A CLEAR Conversation: Education’s Impact on Race in Minnesota. A critical conversation with Rep. Carlos Mariani and Dr. Rev Hillstrom moderated by National Urban Alliance founder Dr. Eric Cooper.

“Let’s put our minds together and see what life will make for our children”

—Sitting Bull