“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
—Nelson Mandela

CLEAR Solution Leadership Capacity Development
The Solution Leadership Capacity Development process functions best when systems make an ongoing commitment to the training which is customizable to meet their specific needs. The training focuses on building capacity for effective leadership and leans heavily on the capacity equation, The CLEAR Model and the 3 Cs of Change to help determine specific areas of focus that are unique to each system and lead to I.M.P.A.C.T. Ultimately through this process participants learn the CLEAR Solutions Framework and internalize the I3 system tools so that they can be applied through effective leadership to about system transformation.

CLEAR Solutions Policy and Procedures
The Solutions Policy and Procedures offering helps executive leadership teams and boards through examining current policy and procedures utilizing I3 system tools. This experience identifies strengths and growth opportunities. Once growth opportunities have been identified, I3 system tools are deployed to determine change readiness. From there, appropriate policies and procedures are developed using I3 system tools that ensure all stakeholders voices are valued. This collaborative approach ensures systemic ownership that generates sustainable change.

CLEAR Student Voice
Student voice is may be the most critical component of effective educational system change. I3 has both a process and a curriculum that has been proven effective at engaging students  and empowering them to be active participants in their own educational journey.

CLEAR Family and Community Engagement
Often families and the non-system employed community are considered as outside stakeholders. This process helps participants understand and engage with families and communities as internal stakeholders within the public institution. This process allows for authentic interactions utilizing the 3 Cs of Change and other I3 tools to ensure that public institutions are truly informed of the family and community interest. This will build the trust needed for support and transformational change.

CLEAR Multilingual Support
Effective pedagogical strategies are quintessential to ensuring educational excellence and equity with our emerging multilingual learners. I3 utilize best practices with our systems tools to help address systemic limitations to ensure each learner, especially our emerging multilingual learners, have the access and opportunities to excel in their educational setting.

CLEAR Special Education
Special Education is often a place within educational institutions where racially predictable outcomes are present. Using I3 system tools and best practices participants can take a deep dive into the systemic barriers that are present within institutions and help dismantle them leading to educational excellent and equity for each learner.

CLEAR Curriculum Development
Culturally responsive curriculum that leads to supporting students and teachers is critical in leading to transformational change. Through direct application of The CLEAR Model educational institutions will develop capacity to use CLEAR curricula that honors each student and the dedicated educators that support them.

Let’s Get CLEAR About American Indian Education:  An Overview of Pedagogy to Policy
This training is a two-day course that provides both classroom and field experiences. Through this training individuals will utilize I3 system tools to develop knowledge that can help better meet the unique cultural and educational needs of American Indian students through changing awareness into action leading to equitable results in Indian education.

The training specifically addresses:

    • The historical foundations surrounding American Indian education
    • Indigenous Identity
    • Tribal Sovereignty
    • Understand the importance of “Place”
    • How American Indian education represents best practice
    • Expand understandings of diversity and equity
    • Gain personal perspective that will equip individuals and systems to advocate with American Indians


Echoes of the Past, Voices of Today: Building Capacity to Center Ancestoral Knowledge in Pedagogy
The Echoes of the Past training explores what ancestral knowledge is and how it can be utilized to center learning in the lives of marginalized underserved learners. This training leans heavily on the CLEAR Model to address environment, instruction, and content (pedagogy) more effectively.

I.M.P.A.C.T Courses
I3 is committed to designing and conducting DEAI professional development for all district  stakeholders, including; District Leadership, Principals, Teachers, Paraprofessional Staff, Clerical, Custodian, and Nutritional Service Staff. These unique trainings will increase understanding of the individual, institutional, and structural discrimination and how all levels of discrimination impact educational disparities and the achievement of each student.

All trainings are differentiated to specifically meet the needs of each system and budget. The following information will provide multiple possibilities for the district to consider.
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