William Kuendig

Willliam Kuendig

I consider the system tools produced by Intercultural Innovation Inc., to be instrumental in providing racial equity leadership to my school. The CLEAR Model acts as a lens through which I observe instruction, whether on a walk through or in a formal observation. The quality of my collected observation data and performance feedback have become more actionable since reflecting through the CLEAR Model. We regularly use the Capacity Equation to analyze  what is needed in potential areas for growth in our work. Finally, the 3Cs allows us to practice mindfulness as we consider our consciousness, conviction and commitment when interacting with others. 

Dr. Hillstrom is a warm and engaging leader in school-based racial equity work. As a White male elementary school principal, Rev engages me in the kinds of reflective parallel practices that I can bring directly to our staff community. I leave every professional development session of Rev’s with a renewed sense of purpose and better prepared to lead adaptive change at our school.